Day 18 Farewell Nicaragua

For some reason Liam didn’t want to try the shortcut I had mapped out for today.  I think he has developed a newfound fear of the word.  So we ended up traveling some familiar roads back to the border which is never as fun because, hello, been there, saw that!  We did have a much better view of the volcanoes of Ometepe today so that was nice.  We could have done without the flat tires and headwind though.  The border crossing was a breeze and Costa Rica welcomed us back by quickly serving up a big plateful of hills just to remind us of the buttkicking it gave us the first time.  By late afternoon we rolled into the town of La Cruz.   It’s a lovely place perched on the edge of a massive overlook that allows for ocean views many miles away.  It’s much more upscale than I expected or perhaps I’d just been in Nicaragua too long.  Crossing back today, we both sensed for the first time, that the journey was nearing its end.  Hopefully there is still more adventure in store, like tomorrows questionable shortcut I’m not even going to tell him about! 

Guess who discovered how to put drinks on my tab?

A better view of Ometepe Island

Jumping into a refreshing pool after a long hot day of riding feels like jumping into a pool after a long hot day of riding.  I kid you not, it’s that good.

How all days should end


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