Day 19 Nothing can stop us now.

Upon returning to our room last night we discovered that Liam had left the light on and door open.  We now had approximately 200 new moths for roommates.  One massive moth the size of a bat with eerie red eyes wouldn’t leave after we turned lights off.  Wielding a towel, so ensued Liam’s hilarious attempt to corner and dispose of the beast who fluttered away at every attempt.   

Neither of us slept well,  but we had agreed ok, maybe I had coaxed, Liam into getting up early and pushing 80 miles to Flamingo beach all in one day.  That way, we could have a short final day of riding tomorrow plus a rest day to finish out our adventure in style.    Right off the bat everything was thrown at us.  A headwind the entire way was coupled with construction delays’ searing heat, wrong turns, bike tune ups, pouring rain, and near the end a dirt road that was supposed to be paved with massive hills that required all we had left just to push the bikes up them.  I feared we would once again be left in the dark in a remote jungle but the downhill came just in time and we cruised down to Flamingo with the days last light.   It took thirteen hours but we freaking conquered the day, and it was awesome.   As we entered the lobby of 4 star hotel dripping mud and rain all over thier crisp white Italian tile I was sure they were going kick us out the door.  But they honored the amazing $65 with breakfast deal I found online earlier.  It was a nice way to reward Liam for a hard day.  He was in heaven.  There would be no moths here.   Gone were the tiger print sheets and shared bathrooms of nights past.  The only problem now is getting him to leave this place for the last 15 miles today.

This time better be the top.

Another one of the many many times it wasn’t the top but I had mistakenly told Liam it was.

300 thread count sheets only moments away!

We are 4 star snobs


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