Day 20 The finish line 

Yesterday’s big effort took a toll and the  combination of air conditioning and a comfy bed finally allowed me a dreamy sleep.  In fact, after going to breakfast and heaping piles and piles of free into our bellies, we returned to our room and promptly crashed for another two hours.   After coming to, we tearfully bid adieu to the lovely Flamingo resort.  Our nostrils cringing from the stench of our riding clothes, today we donned only bare chests and swimsuits for our triumphant manly armor.   I may have heard some giggles at our distinct jersey-defined tan lines but We were not deterred.

 Only a few miles into the ride we detoured and rode down Brasulito Beach to Conchal Beach to snorkel.  Riding in packed sand was a new challenge and with our weight we slid around a bit.   The snorkeling was surprisingly great. After finding the sweet spot we saw eels, pufferfish, and starfish.  We found Nemo and Dori and other large schools of fish whose names we didn’t know.   Though we have visited a number of different beaches now, I love how they’ve all been very unique.   This beach was composed completely of shell fragments, and if you think sand gets in places, wait until you toss around in a shell beach.  Those tiny buggars cling to places, all the places!   From Conchal our adrenaline pumped as we got entered Tamarindo.   Yes we were finishing our ride but something else seemed odd and then it hit me,  this was the only day of riding we’ve had with no major obstacle to overcome!   Of course that epiphany came before realizing the price we paid for our shirtless machismo without sunscreen!   

Arriving at our hotel, the smile on Liams face was priceless.  After traveling at least  590 miles, it was all done and now we could celebrate with a full rest day tomorrow.  Tamarindo is a hip spot with a great beach and after watching the most estupendo sunset of my entire life, it deserves all the praises it gets.   Our hotel is nice and before I knew it Liam had already purchased a $4 coke from the swim up bar.  It’s a far cry from the 20 cent sodas of Nicaragua.   I don’t knock places like this though.   In fact, I think I can appreciate the $10 hostel but also admire a swanky resort for its advantages.  One of the things I’ve most enjoyed about this trip is seeing the full spectrum from hip touristy areas to tiny remote villages and I am left with a great adoration for both.    But wait!  It’s not time to wax philosophical yet!  We still have tomorrow to adventure!  That is, if we can pry our sunburnt bodies off the bed.

Liam’s attempt at landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

A favorite snack of ours, a version of a snow cone but with condensed milk and some other white powder mixed in.  

The finish line.  

Liams shoes.  After crashes and mishaps galore, a nice reminder of how hard this was.  Notice the butt clinging shells. 

Mono is Spanish for monkey so I guess you could say Liam caught mono at the pool today. 

A sunset so amazing you get three pictures of it.

Like me, just waiting for someone to play.

The stuff dreams are made of.


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