Day 21 Campeones

Upon hearing the generalities of our story as we arrived yesterday, the kind bellman who took our photo and helped store the bikes took note.  Today each time we entered the lobby he would loudly proclaim “Mi campeones!” (my champions).  It’s silly, but it was so nice to be recognized that way.  We have also been so overwhelmed by the support of family and friends who have cheered us on along the way.   It seriously helped immensely!  I know our feat carries little importance in the big picture and pales in comparison to what others endure or accomplish every day but for us, especially Liam, this was a big deal, so thanks.  

Despite a restless night bathed in aloe vera, I was ready to go by morning, Liam not so much.  At breakfast neither of us were too excited about any planned tour so Liam stayed to chill by the  pool while I went in search of some beach volleyball or surf.  With a fist-pumping YES! I found both.  A couple of great games with newfound friends was a blast and when followed by spectacular surfing my perfect Tamarindo dream was complete.  There are bigger waves at nearby beaches for the hard core surfers so Tamarindo beach is a great mix of families and tourists on medium sized waves.  It was ideal for me and I rode wave after wave to shore until I collapsed in euphoric exhaustion.  Later Liam joined me in the surf.  Finally too exhausted to do much else, I returned the board and just sat for an hour in awe, transfixed by another amazing sunset.   A celebratory steak dinner with Liam was accompanied by a great mariachi band crooning to us the likes of “Labamba” and “Ring of fire”.   I couldn’t have scripted a better day.  

Liam trying to capture his souvenir.

Pretty in pink

Because you need more sunset photos

Ya see what I did there?  That there’s trick photography. 

Thinking, “if I get one more request for Airana Grande #@$/%*@”.


8 thoughts on “Day 21 Campeones

  1. Mariachi play Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water? The Ticos were into it my last trip there (20 years ago).

    Where’s your Duolingo percent fluency now?

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    • Ha, that would be fun. My duolingo unfortunately took quite the back seat to my babbling on this blog. But I sure did get to use it quite a bit in Nica. And know I know the word ciclo respuertos very well since I had to seek out so many bike shops!


  2. Congrats Champions. I have read every post and can’t believe what you two accomplished. So proud of both of you. This is something you will never forget and talk about for years like a mission. Love and miss you and happy you accomplished what you set out for and were protected.

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