20150425_114020A newbie to both blogging and cycle touring, Devin Marks hails from lovely Sandpoint, Idaho where his work for Schweitzer Mountain resort affords him the opportunity to play outdoors all year round. Between skiing, biking, beach volleyball , or splashing around in the amazing the Lake Pend Orielle, he still finds time to be a dad to 4 great kiddos and a husband to a wife who amazingly puts up it all.  Always embracing the next adventure in life, Devin swears by the motto “All men die, but few actually ever live.”

As for Liam Marks, one day he will look back and wish he had written his own bio, but since he hates to talk about himself, he’s subjected to my musings. Coming off completing his 8th grade at Sandpoint Middle School, Liam is a typical  teenage boy in that he likes to eat a lot and play computer games.   Despite being shy and awkward in public, around his family Liam loves to debate and share his philosophies on a range of topics.   Liam doesn’t care about what others think about him and carries a fearlessness about him that I rightly admire.