The Route

Comprised of somewhere between 600-700 miles,  from the Liberia, Costa Rica Airport, our adventure begins a bit dangerously right off bat after heading South on the busy Trans-America Highway.  In no time though we are climbing, and climbing, oh and climbing East before descending upon the shores of the beautiful Laguna de Arenal resting at the base of the famed Arenal Volcano with it’s vibrant rain forests, waterfalls and wildlife.  From there we venture North into Nicaragua passing tiny villages while skirting the massive Lake Colcibolca.  Ferrying out to the Isle of Ometepe we’ll spend the night at the base of active twin Volcanoes which comprise the island.    From there is off to explore the Colonial towns of Granada & Masaya before hopefully catching the Volcan Masaya spew her lava at us.  We then trek west passing small villages and farmland as we slowly descend toward the coast.  I say slowly because here we will trust Google maps to take us down paths that don’t technically exist but look like a road to me.  We hope to reach the mighty Pacific near the surfing village of Popoyo.  Traversing the coastline south we’ll pass numerous remote beaches and small surf communities like San Juan del Sur.  Along here, we’ll again be praying that roads exist and that the streams and washes aren’t rendered impassable from spring rains.   Arriving back in Guanacaste region of Coast Rica, if we haven’t died yet, we’ll finish our trip by skirting the coastline in search of surf and beach volleyball until we run out of days.

Click here to see the full route

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